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Click here  for pictures of the Liberty North Eagles in action during the 2016 season.


Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots - but you have to play the ball where it lies.
~Bobby Jones

There is no such thing as a natural touch; touch is something you create by hitting millions of golf balls.
~Lee Trevino

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Team News


The following email was sent yesterday, just wanted to pass along to everyone.  This is intended for both boys and girls.  Brochure is attached.


Coach Braden


Good Afternoon,


Please share this email with your high school players and any other golfer you think might want golf as a career.


This is an initial email introducing New Mexico State University to you and your high school players.  If you do not want to continue to receive updates from NMSU and our PGA Golf Management Program, simply email me back and ask to be removed.  With that said, we are hoping you see the value we have to offer to you and your players.  We realize that most high school boys and girls have goals to play college golf.  We were the third university (in 1987) to be accredited by the PGA of America to offer this degree.  We have graduated over 700 alumni, most are current PGA golf professionals in the golf industry.  


We understand that going to college is a huge decision in a young person’s life, and choosing where to go to school is just as important. We here at theNew Mexico State University PGA Golf Management Program would like to equip you and your students with the information needed to assist in this process.


Offering a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, with a Specialization in PGA Golf Management, our program enjoys a rich history of industry support and alumni success. With over 25 years of experience in education, job placement (100% placement), and player development, we are confident in our ability to educate and train tomorrow’s industry leaders. NMSU PGA Golf Management students will have the opportunity to work in industry related positions that enhance their college and PGA PGM Education.


Students will complete 16 months of internship under the supervision of Class “A” Professionals at different golf facilities, which include golf courses, PGA or LPGA Headquarters, PGA Section Offices, and other employment opportunities within the golf industry.  In addition to the course work and internship experiences, students will complete the entire PGA PGM Educational Program (Levels 1-3) while attending NMSU.  Students will also complete the PGA Playing Ability Test (PAT) while enrolled at NMSU.


Also, please note that NMSU is one of the few PGA Golf Management Universities that allow students in the program to be considered for theMen’s or Women’s Golf Team.


Upon completion of all the required course work, 16 months of internship, all three levels of the PGA PGM Educational Program, the PAT, and gaining eligible employment, students are eligible to receive PGA Membership.


Visit our website at for more information or contact me anytime to request an information packet at (575) 649-8993


*****Please be sure to reference the SCHOLARSHIPS available to incoming students that would allow them the opportunity for in-state tuition rates right away.


We are still accepting applications for the Fall 2016 semester.  Please help us educate tomorrow’s golf industry leaders by sharing this information with your players and any other golf enthusiasts.


If you have read this far you seem to like what we have to offer.  Feel free to email or call me anytime to discuss our Program.  Good luck this coming season!



Pat Gavin, PGA, MBA

Director, PGA Golf Management Program

College Full Professor: Marketing Department

2008 Donald C. Roush Faculty Teaching Award 

2014 National PGA Horton Smith Award 

Proud 13 time winner of the PGA Horton Smith Award (Sun Country)

Vice President: Sun Country Section PGA 


New Mexico State University

Box 30001, Dept. PGM

1320 University Ave/Business Complex #207

Las Cruces, NM 88003

Office:  (575) 646-7686       Cell (575) 649-8993    fax (575) 646-1467


Men's Golf Calendar

Liberty North Golf Academy

Click each Drill for a video explanation

  1. Drill 1--Tennis racket to work on backswing and follow through positions.
  2. Drill 2--Arm connection/neutral grip and feet together drill; watch the whole video but particularly focus from 3:30 on.
  3. Drill 3—Smash Bag 1
  4. Drill 4—Smash Bag 2
  5. Drill 5—Muscle Memory
  6. Drill 6—Slow motion swings
  7. Drill 7-6 steps of the Swing

Team Honor Code

Each player on the team will hand write and sign his/her promise to uphold the Liberty North Team Honor Code listed below.

I will refrain from every form of dishonesty and cheating in reporting my and my opponent’s scores, and will strive to create a spirit of honesty and honor. Failure to do so is considered a breach of trust toward my coaches, teammates, and opponents. I accept this commitment as a personal responsibility to refrain from and to report all forms of dishonesty and cheating.


  1. Golf's Honor Code by Ron Sirak
  2. Golf's honor code limits 'cheating' incidents by Bob Harig
  3. Golfer Brian Davis penalty:  Honor, Integrity, Character still alive in sports by Kirk Mango (See video below)
  4. Mississippi teen falls on final hole of prestigious U.S. Junior Amateur Golf Championship by self reporting one-shot penalty
  5. Why Integrity Matters
  6. Cameron Tringale Confesses to PGA Championship Error, Loses More Than $50K


  1. The Character of Brian Davis
  2. Darren Clark-Integrity
  3. Mississippi teen falls on final hole of prestigious U.S. Junior Amateur Golf Championship

Junior Golf

Kids ages 7-14 interested in a summer junior golf program, Coach Braden recommends Flight Golf Academy of KC.  Click here for the summer 2016 flyer.

Special thanks to Cardinal Hill Golf Course for hosting the Liberty North Eagles Men's and Women's Golf teams.

Suburban Mid-Seven Conference

Fort Osage
Liberty North
North KC
Oak Park
Wm. Chrisman 

Coaching Staff

Coach Braden 3Head Coach:
Jeff Braden

Quick Bio-
Jeff Braden has been teaching and coaching in the Liberty school district since 2001. He began playing golf at the age of 5,and has competed at both the high school and college levels.  Coach Braden resides in Liberty with his wife Kelly and four daughters Morgan, Kate, Emmy and Laira.



Coach DavisAsst. Coach:
Doug Davis

Quick Bio- Doug Davis has been teaching and coaching since 1994.   Coach Davis was head girls tennis coach at Liberty for 8 years, before becoming head girls tennis coach at Liberty North in 2010.



Co.jpgAsst. Coach:
Joe Morgan

Quick Bio- Joe Morgan joined the Liberty North golf staff in 2013.  Coach Morgan lives in Kansas City with his wife and two daughters.