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Eagle's View

Spirit Page

Alma Mater

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Eagles of North High, our colors proudly fly.

Since twenty ten we have been the home of the blue and gold.

From Liberty we hail, our school spirit will prevail,

Forever true to our alma mater strong and bold.

We stand side by side with honor and pride.

Our strength and resolve cannot be denied.

Eagles stay the course, as friends we will go forth.

Forever True to our alma mater, Liberty North.

Fight Song

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We are the Liberty North High Eagles

We’re gonna root for the team at North High

You can see our pride and spirit

As we let our banner fly.

Our team is the best in the land

So come on and join in the band

Our victory will not be denied

We will never give up the fight! Fight!


Second to none are the Eagles.

To be the best we’re out to prove

We’re gonna GOFight!

Win!  This game tonight.

Blue and Gold are on the move.  Fight!


E-A-G-L-E-S Liberty North is the Best!

Eagle Pride

Eagle Pride